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This page is dedicated to my Dad. Below you'll find some of the hottest Indy cars of the late '50's - and the stat's prove it:

In 1958, 4 out of the top 5 finishers were Epperly built roadsters. And that #3 finisher: the car was built by a friend of Epperly's (and probably got all his good ideas from my Dad)

And if this sounds like we're waving the checkered flag a little to excitedly, we'll, that's your blown head gasket - He's my Dad, He's over 85, and we can brag all we want.

Here's one from 1961 - true black & white.


Ever run a circle-track car at Laguna-Seca?


A trip to Peterson museum in Los Angeles - the Autolite Special underneath the people.


And here's the pretty girl they're all looking at...